Finding Peace

This title is not to imply that I’ve found peace, but to keep reminding myself that I need to. I am overwhelmed with the road ahead and afraid I will run out of time before I’m done (not in life, just in the semester). My assignments for this weekend are to model the armrest/frame relationship, figure out the joinery, figure out how to insert a person into my drawings so I can better consider the relationship of the body to the specific elements of the design, and solidify the design itself by testing out some full scale parts made of cardboard that I can mix and match. No big deal.

This past week, I’ve made some new drawings and built a much better mock-up that actually rocks! I’m taking comfort and confidence from this accomplishment. Keep in mind the mock-up isn’t what the actual chair will look like and is only a test of the comfort of the height and angle of the seat, backrest, armrests, and rockers. It may not look pretty, but it’s answering some important questions.

It is harder to keep up the blog now that I’m in the shop, and when I’m there, I keep finding I will have finished a task without remembering to take a photo.

Tasks make themselves less “conspicuous” than I had imagined they would, even though I am trying wholeheartedly to maintain an awareness of the connection between my mind and body as I work.

19212022121517 2021


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