Withstanding the Time of Tests

1 2This week I’ve worked on full-scale armrest tests. I cut the shapes on the band saw and sanded down until they felt good on the hand. There’s a clear winner in terms of comfort, but I’m not sure I’m wild about the way it looks.


I also finished the full-scale drawing. It feels smaller than the mock-up, but perhaps this is because it’s only two-dimensional. It took longer than I expected as there were larger discrepancies between my mock-up and my previous drawings than I anticipated.

This weekend I have been focusing on the seat. I milled the 8/4″ boards that will comprise the seat, backrest, and rockers, and started laying out the boards. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but they are arranged with the annual rings running opposite each other every other board. This helps to keep the flat plane from warping over time, as the individual boards will have the tendency to bend in opposite directions, effectively holding one another in place.4 3

I plan to use the Weeks’ method of band-sawing some of the shape of the seat before the boards get glued up so they’re easier to shape after the fact. It seemed like a good idea to try this first before cutting the actual boards I’m going to use, so I did a trial run with foam. It obviously won’t machine exactly like the wood, but it gave me a sense of the process and how much hand work I’ll have to do after the glue-up to actually get the seat comfortable (surprise! a lot).6781011


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