The First Cut is the Deepest…

Unless, of course, I subsequently make some huge mistake on a later cut. Then that cut will be the deepest. That said, I took the plunge today and made the first cut on the frame pieces. I only cut the line at one end of each board where it will meet another board. Everything else I left as is, and will cut later on when the joints are done. I followed the lines I drew and used the miter saw. It is now possible to start getting a sense of the actual, real, in-the-flesh frame when the pieces are laid out on the table. I’ll have more on the frame when I start cutting all the joints, but I’m waiting for the dado saw to get fixed. The Sawstop got tripped and we’re waiting for new blades. Don’t worry, no one got any fingers cut and I wasn’t responsible. I’m frustrated about this though as it puts me at a bit of a standstill. Next week is spring break and the shop is closed and I’m very nervous about this period of inactivity.


















In the meantime I did a mock-up of where the leg will meet the rocker. I want the joint to be faired and flare smoothly from the leg to the rocker. The only way to do this without cutting into the laminations themselves or risking chip-out on short grain on the legs is to add a few extra laminations to the particular spots where the legs meets the rockers and cut them down to size. They will connect with floating tenons. I cut the general shape on the band saw and then sanded the curves down smooth with the spindle sander.







I feel like I’ve had an unproductive week, but Igor pointed out that I keep showing up to work and that counts for a lot. This week felt like “fake it ’til you make it.” I’m going to go do some power poses in the mirror now.



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