The one, the only, George Nakashima.

Nakashima Nakashima 2




Wharton Esherick: An American craftsman active in the early- and mid-twentieth century.


Katie Walker in the UK made this mind-blowing rocker. Holy cow.katiewalker_windsorrocker

Canadian Woodworks: These guys are amazing. They are Maloofists through and through and post incredible videos of their process on their blog.

canadian woodoworks

I’m a big fan of this low-rider rocker by Shawn Place. Love the Danish cord weaving!

The-SP210-Rocking-Chair-by-Shawn-Place-03-550x490 The-SP210-Rocking-Chair-by-Shawn-Place-550x499






Gary Weeks: This guy is the man in the Austin area when it comes to rocking chairs. No one can do what he does, like he does. He was gracious enough to let me visit his shop.

weeks rocker

Sam Maloof: Maloof is arguably the father of modern American rockers.maloof classic rockermaloof cradle

Michael Yates: Furniture maker here in Austin. He makes it look easy.

yates rocker


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